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Hello we are suppliers of food and beverages we intend to get very good and reliable companies to supply our goods to on long term bases


Handel mit Waren Aller Art, Import Export, Zollabwicklung, Logistikdienstleistungen


E-commerce, dropshipping, wholesale, warehouse service, Amazon, eBay,


1. Air Cargo / Small Packages EU - CIS countries / Worldwide 2. Air Express / Small Packages EU - CIS countries / Worldwide 3. Air Cargo / Pallets EU - CIS countries / Worldwide 3. Road Cargo /...


Personalvermittlung, private Arbeitsvermittlung


We are suppliers of food and beverages products , we can ship to all sea ports all over the world


Property Management of residential tenement buildings, condominiums and mixed-use buildings


We are engage in minerals business with a more than 12 years experience. We are spcialised in the supply of the best quality Rice (All Asian types and grades), Sugar, Nuts, edible oil, energy...


Die Handelsabteilung der Sägewerk. Unser Sägewerk ist spezialisiert auf Holzhandel, Schnittholz, Holzbretter, Holzindustrie, Holzprodukte.


From year to year, we are striving to develop our own business excellence model, by drinking the motivation from the models already existing in the business world. We were tending to create...


Hersteller. Unsere Firma Als führender Spezialist in der industriellen Verarbeitung von Flachs haben wir eine breite Palette von Premiumprodukten entwickelt, hergestellt und patentieren lassen.


If you want to plan a budget-friendly holiday with friends or family without compromising the quality of the trip then is the best platform for you. We are an online portal that focuses on...


Business Consulting, Finance Consulting, Risk minimization, Juridical consulting


Expedirowanie grusov EU - KZ , UZB . KS


Kleine ist ein zertifizierter Fachbetrieb für professionelle Objektreinigung. Wir bieten neben umfassenden Leistungen im Gebäude- und Hotelservice auch Spezialleistungen und Dienste im privaten...


A construction company with several years of experience in oil and gas industries. We employ over 1600 employees.


Wir haben immer größere Palettenbestände abrufbereit am Lager. Der An- und Verkauf, die Reparatur und das Recycling von Paletten ist selbstverständlich. Unsere Kunden bewirtschaften in der Regel...


We are a global management consulting firm that serves a broad mix of private, public and social sector institutions. We help our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their...


We are sole distributors of mobile phones, majorly apple products. Laptops and cameras


Calcinate Phosfathe 0-5 mm, Bone phosphate Lime - BPL - 63-64% Calcium Oxide - CaO - 48-50% Silica dioxide - SiO2 - 5-9%

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